How Does The Group Work?

The group meets on the first Monday of every month from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at Birch Tree Center. Facilitated by a licensed psychotherapist with special training and experience supporting survivors of suicide, loss, and bereavement. These group session are free, open, and no registration is required.

The group sessions take on an open format where the participants can bring their current needs to the group. The group will discuss grief and loss as it pertains to the needs of each individual group. Additional discussions involve grief reactions, resources, ways to express emotions related to the grieving process, and offer supportive ideas to one another.

Meet The Facilitator

Deb Semmelroth, DNP, MA, RN, MSW, LGSW is a Compassionate Bereavement Care provider with a Suicide Bereavement Clinician Certification. She has over seven years’ experience working with over 600 survivors of suicide, loss and bereavement. Deb brings her over 30 years as a nurse, and as a professor of nursing to her work. Currently, she is in private practice at Insight Counseling providing therapy across the lifespan with a focus on those who have experienced child loss and suicide loss.