Sweet Sleep: Essential Oils


About four years ago I fell in love with essential oils. Since a young age I have been interested in holistic health practices so I was familiar with aromatherapy and its benefits; I just didn’t practice. And then I discovered my gateway oil: Serenity. At the time I was focused on enhancing the quality of my sleep and my local yoga studio, Duluth Yoga, started offering oils. Sheila recommended Serenity blend and a bottle has sat on my nightstand every day since. Every night I roll the essential oil blend on the bottoms of my feet, nape of my neck, and sometimes a swipe on my pillow. Today, it’s an essential part of my evening practice, even while traveling.

Alcohols, ketones, and esters are some of the chemical components that are known to have benefits for promoting healthy sleep by relaxing, soothing, and calming the body and mind. I believe these chemical components, as well as positive associations made over time between an oil practice and quality sleep, make essential oils a beneficial holistic health treatment for positive sleep hygiene.

If you would like to read more about essential oils and sleep, and learn which oils contain the chemical components I referred to, doTERRA offers a wonderful free eBook: Essential Oils and Sleep.

Sweet dreams,

{Photo courtesy of Amy Treasure.}