Smoothie Love


These days you will find a plethora of smoothie recipes out there. However, as I prep ingredients for smoothies this week, I find myself settling on my staple favorites. In no particular order...

Cookie and Kate has a wonderful Tahini Date Shake recipe. Super creamy and delectable. I usually add a little maca powder and protein powder.

The Can't Beet Me Smoothie from Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky's cookbook, Run Fast Eat Slow, is wonderful, too. Occasionally, we purchase pre-cooked beets for this recipe, but I think it is best with fresh roasted beets. I roast up several beets on Sundays and use them throughout the week.

Finally, The Chubby Vegetarian's Young Coconut Smoothie is amazing - and the recipe that taught us how to properly attack a fresh coconut. Ha. 

Smoothie love. 

Feel free share your favorite smoothie recipe below.

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{Image courtesy of Brooke Lark.}