Mindfulness On The Go


Like many of you I will be traveling over the holidays. While I'll miss my studio and home practices, I maintain healthy routines by taking my meditation and yoga on the road. I love exploring new ways to do it. Last year it was Aaptiv, and this year it looks like it is going to be the meditation-focused platform, Evenflow. (Of course, Yogaglo is my staple.)

I was moved to download Evenflow when I read this good piece on self-improvement and self-care. "The movement in individuation is not towards a perfectly evolved self that no longer has flaws and paradoxes, but towards a more expansive self-concept that allows for you to be as complex as you are, and to embrace your imperfections," says Shira Myrow, founder of Evenflow. Yes!

Insight Counseling Duluth Evenflow.png

Sneaking away and carving out even 20 minutes a day for self-care is a beautiful way to maintain equanimity and peace during the holidays. At home and away. Not only does it enhance your well-being, but also those around you.

Do you have a favorite mindfulness go-to? If so, please share!

Happy holidays friends.

Begin again,

{Top image courtesy of Margo Brodowicz.}