Find Your Tribe


The power of connection.

With an upcoming yoga retreat, tribe has been on my mind. I've been scouring through photos of yoga communities because lately, that is where I find my tribe. None of the photos felt just right and then I discovered the image above – it's perfect. While I don't nuzzle my fellow yogis at Duluth Yoga after every class, sometimes it feels like we could. The camaraderie and spirit of connection is amazing. I nearly max out on dopamine hits every day I practice. (More on dopamine hits and relational cultural theory in future posts...) 

My mother has told me many times that when she is too old to live on her own, she does not want to live with us. "I want to be with my people!" She is referring to her golf and colleague teacher friends – her tribe.

We all need our tribe. Today, we live in a culture where people may be deceived that connection is manifested by the number of your Facebook friends or Twitter retweets. While technology has opened up creative and convenient forms of connection, it is not the same as real time tribe time.

Your health depends on it.

Dan Buettner's Blue Zones work has been touting tribe for years; researchers are demonstrating social isolation's negative impact on health, especially in older adults; and daily I observe first-hand in my practice how increased connection with others enhances overall health. 

Where do you find your tribe? Or, "...where are your people?!?"

Begin again,

{Image courtesy of joel herzog on Unsplash.}